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Question By: neeraj

A satellite revolves in an equatorial plane around the earth at an altitude equal to the radius of earth.A very sensitive device can detect its shadow made on the earth surface by the sun rays . find the average velocity of the shadow to a non rotating frame fixed with the centre of the earth . Escape velocity from the surface is Ve?

Question By: mansha singh

in this ques u say that reaction by partition is 177.5 because friction acts.but sir i doubt here because ncert says-we assume perfect contact between bodies A and B and the rigid that case the self adjusting normal force on B by the partition equals 200N.ncert says since there is no impending motion as there is no space for the motion and hence no friction.can u plz once again resolve the issue asap

Question By: Vivek Sharma

Stomach acid is a solution of HCl with concentration of 1.2 × 10–3 M. What is the pH of stomach acid?

Chapter: Chemistry In Everyday Life

1. Chemistry In Everyday Life 2 1